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Help People Overcome Obstacles
Defy Expectations
Defy Limitations

 “Norm” is synonymous with standard or typical. I don’t believe in typical. I don’t believe in settling for what someone else considers passable or what they consider standard expectations. I’m not standard. I’m not typical. Neither are you, nobody is. F* The Norm.  Be uncompromising against the standard. Demand more, be more, live for more. Defy your limitations.


What Makes Your Program Different?

There is NO one size fits all. Everything is tailored specifically to your body and your needs. The benefit of my background is that I have all the tools to assess your needs, create a safe and effective program, and achieve results. Your programming begins with two sessions of assessments. From this data, I create a program utilizing Pilates, Personal Training, Barefoot Training, and specialized protocols that will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. You get re-assessed every 4-6 weeks to confirm we are on the right path and a new program is written to take you to the next level.